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Стиль исполнения: Pop
Полное имя : Michael Whitaker Smith
День рождения: October 7, 1957
Место рождения: Kenova, West Virginia
Семья : Deborah (жена), Ryan (сын), Whitney (дочь), Tyler (сын), Anna (дочь), & Emily (дочь)

Michae W Smith Дискография:
A New Hallelujah, 2008 [Reunion]
A New Hallelujah Deluxe Edition iTunes Exclusive, 2008 [Reunion]
It’s A Wonderful Christmas, 2007 [Reunion]
Stand, 2006 [Reunion]
Platinum Series: Best Of Michael W Smith, 2006 [Reunion]
Healing Rain, 2004 [Reunion]
The Christmas Collection, 2004 [Reunion]
The Second Decade, 2003 [Reunion]
Worship Again, 2002 [Reunion]
Worship, 2001 [Reunion]
Freedom, 2000 [Reunion]
This Is Your Time, 1999 [Reunion]
Christmastime, 1998 [Reunion]
Live the Life, 1998 [Reunion]
I’ll Lead You Home, 1995 [Reunion]
First Decade, 1993 [Reunion]
Change Your World, 1992 [Reunion]
Go West Young Man, 1990 [Reunion]
Michael W. Smith Christmas, 1989 [Reunion]
I 2 Eye, 1988 [Reunion]
The Live Set, 1987 [Reunion]
The Big Picture, 1986 [Reunion]
Michael W. Smith 2, 1984 [Reunion]
Michael W. Smith Project, 1983 [Reunion]

Организационная деятельность :
Christian Music’s Most Requested, 2007 …. “Friends” [Brentwood]
Glory Revealed: The Word of God In Worship, 2007 …. “Come, Worship The King” (w/ Shane & Shane) [Provident]
The Way We Love EP, 2007 …. “Escape Your Love” (from Stand) [Provident]
WOW Worship (Aqua), 2006 …. “You Are Holy (Prince Of Peace)” (from Worship Again) [Provident]
iWorship Platinum, 2006 …. “Above All” (from Worship) [Integrity]
The Second Chance: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2006 …. “Hang On” [Reunion]
WOW Christmas Green, 2005 …. “Welcome To Our World” (from Christmastime) [Word]
Hymns 4 Worship: Amazing, 2004 …. “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” [Integrity]
It Takes Two: 15 Collaborations & Duets, 2003 …. “Out There” (duet w/ Steven Curtis Chapman) [Sparrow]
WOW Worship (Yellow), 2003 …. “Awesome God” (from Worship) [Provident]
Next Door Savior, 2003 …. “All Hail The Power of Jesus Name” [Creative Trust]
Dove Hits 2003, 2003 …. “Friends 2003″ (w/ various artists) [Reunion]
WOW Christmas 2002, 2002 …. “Emmanuel” [Sparrow]
Joshua Soundtrack, 2002 …. “Love Is Moving” [Word]
Our God of Wonders: Volume 1, 2002 …. “Agnus Dei” (from Worship) [Essential]
Your Love Broke Through, 2002 …. “There Is One” [Sparrow]
Left Behind Soundtrack, 2000 …. “Never Been Unloved” (from Live the Life)
Celebrate Freedom, 2000 …. “I Still Have The Dream” live [Verity]
WOW 2001, 2000 …. “This Is Your Time” (from This Is Your Time) [Sparrow]
Roaring Lambs, 2000 …. “Out There” (duet w/ Steven Curtis Chapman) [Squint]
A Night In Rocketown, 1999 …. “Worship Medley” [Rocketown]
Awesome God Rich Mullins Tribute, 1998 …. “Awesome God”
Songs 4 Life: Renew Your Heart!, 1998 …. “I’ll Lead You Home” (from I’ll Lead You Home) [Time-life]
Exodus, 1998 …. “Exodus,” “I See You” [Rocketown]
God With Us, 1997 …. “Anthem for Christmas” [Chordant]
Emmanuel, 1996 …. “Emmanuel” (duet w/ Amy Grant) [Chordant]
My Utmost For His Highest: The Covenant, 1996 …. “Someday (Set The Children Free),” “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” (w/Anointed) [Word]
My Utmost For His Highest, 1995 …. “Move In Me” [Word]
Songs From The Loft, 1993 …. “What We’ve Come Here For” [Reunion]

Коллекционные выпуски:
Healing Rain DualDisc re-release, 2005 [Reunion]
Worship DualDisc re-release, 2005 [Reunion]
Healing Rain Exclusive Signature Edition (Family Christian exclusive), 2004 [Reunion]
Worship Box Set, 2004 [Reunion]
The Bigger Picture (retail premium), 2003 [Reunion]
With Open Hearts Live DVD (featuring Third Day, Michael W. Smith, Jars of Clay), 2003 …. “I See You” [Provident]
Worship Again CD-Rom preorder special, 2002 [Reunion]
“There She Stands” promo single, 2002 [Reunion]
Devotions (preorder special with Worship), 2001 [Reunion]
This Is Your Time w/ bonus tracks (only at Wal-Mart), 1999 [Reunion]
Love Me Good single, 1998 [Reunion]
Live the Life (w/bonus tracks – Japanese Import), 1998 [Reunion]
Live the Life maxi single, 1997 [Reunion]
The Wonder Years 1983 – 1993, 1993 [Reunion]
Michael W Smith ВИДЕОГРАФИЯ:
A New Hallelujah DVD, 2009 [Reunion] — March 17
Live In Concert: 20 Year Celebration DVD, 2004 [Reunion]
The Bigger Picture DVD, 2003 [Reunion]
Worship DVD/Video, 2002 [Reunion]
This Is Your Time Retail Video Collection [Reunion]
Change Your World Live [Reunion]
The Big Picture Tour, 1987 [Reunion]
Michael W. Smith In Concert, 1986 [Reunion]

The Second Chance, 2006… Ethan Jenkins

Литературные выпуски:
Healing Rain, 2004… Michael W. Smith [Integrity Publishers]
Signs, 2004… Michael W. Smith [Transit]
The Price of Freedom, 2002… Michael W. Smith [J. Countryman]
Worship w/ CD, 2002… Michael W. Smith [J. Countryman]
I Will Be Your Friend, 2001… Michael W. Smith [Thomas-Nelson]
This Is Your Time, 1999… Michael W. Smith [Thomas-Nelson]
Where’s Whitney, 1999… Michael W. Smith [Zondervan]
Cooking with Smitty’s Mom, 1999… [Thomas-Nelson]
Your Place In This World, 1998… Michael W. Smith [Thomas-Nelson]
It’s Time to Be Told, 1997… Michael W. Smith [Word]
Friends Are Friends Forever, 1997… Michael W. Smith [Thomas-Nelson]
Old Enough To Know, 1987… Michael W. Smith, Fritz Ridenour [Word]

Вот так все начиналось ….


А тут уже и дочь замуж выходит….


Вам должно понравиться и это





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